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   For printing CD and DVD media in smaller batches (1-2000pcs) is the most ideal to use ink-jet technology. Printing is always realized in full color and is applied directly to the surface of the CD or DVD media and according to the customer needs it can be complemented by fixation with UV varnish coating, giving a high degree of water resistance, abrasion resistance and UV resistance. The main advantages of this technology include a very fine grid, which ensures quality and crisp display even the smallest detail. It is therefore recommended to create graphics using higher resolutions.
   For the printing CD and DVD media belongs to the same extent and packaging printing carried out also ink-jet technology to a variety of paper weights and Gloss. These are then placed in different types of packaging, whether plastic, foil or paper.
   Duplication CD and DVD offer as one of the other components of our offer and articulated industrial duplicator, so you can duplicate any data.